South Fork & Other Stories (ebook) (Smashwords edition)  (Kindle edition)




Dogs and Other Poems (2011, Bird Dog Press) poetry

“In Paul Piper’s newest collection of poems, Dog, like a bodhisattva, leads the narrator and reader to a place that glistens with wonder and humor.”  Charles Luckmann



 Winter Apples (2007, Bird Dog Press) poetry

“You’ve picked up a book like a stone from a river.  You’re lucky you found this beauty.  Turn it around, open the seams and read.”  Allen Frost



X Stories (2006, Flying Trout Press) essays; co-edited with Charles Luckmann

“This is a handbook for all of us who live with the consequences of fragile X.”  Mary Jane Clark

“I truly loved this book.”  Katie Clapp


Now & Then (2003, Flying Trout Press) poetry

“Paul Piper brings us this deeply felt collection composed out of the fabric of particulars pushed to the verge of lyric abstraction.”  Rick Newby



Father Nature  (2003, University of Iowa) essays; co-edited with Stan Tag

“Father Nature reminds us that each one of these shared moments on the land is a declaration of love.”  Stephen Trimble



Spring (novel) (in re-write)

Everything Has a Beginning (novel) (still shopping)

The Soul Craves Most What Is Lost (novel) (nearing completion)

The Information Commons (nonfiction) (ongoing)