Academic/Trade Work

Book/Encyclopedia — Chapters, Stories, etc.

Slippers, in Shadow and Light: a literary anthology on memory, 2011

In My Dog’s Eyes, in Nurturing Paws, Whispering Angel Books, 2011

Winter Apples, in Bottom Dog Press Poetry Anthology: Our Twenty-fifth Year, Bottom Dog Press, 2010.

The Finest View in Town, in Seattle Noir, edited by Curt Colbert, Akashic Books, 2009

A Love Supreme, in Tribute to Orpheus, edited byGary McKinney, Kearney Street Press, 2007 (story)

Google and Privacy, in Libraries and Google, edited by William Miller and Rita Pellen, Haworth Press, 2005

America Zen: A Gathering of Poets, ed. Ray McNiece & Larry Smith, Bottom Dog Press, 2004, 4 poems

Research on the Internet, in Encyclopedia of the Internet, John Wiley:New York, 2004

Web Hoaxes, Counterfeit Sites, and Other Spurious Information on the Internet, Web of   Entanglement, Information Today,Medford,NJ, 2002.

Year-Round Schools: The Star of the Sea Model, Year-Round Education, IRI/Skylight,Arlington Heights,IL 1996


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  • Are You Having a Good News Week?  Searcher, November, 201
  • TED and Others Like Him: Computer Video for and From Exciting Minds, Searcher 18(9), November 2010.All (Almost) on the Internet: Freely Available Science Information Resources on the Web, Searcher 17(6), 22-32,  June, 2009 (co-authored with Barry Brown)
  • Easier than Ever, but Never Easy: Writing Resources on the Web, Searcher 17 (4), pp. 18-21, 50-54, Apr 2009
  • Nets of Terror: Terrorist Activity on the Internet, accepted for publication in Searcher for the December 2008 issue.
  • Phish Pharming: The New, More Profitable Aquaculture, Searcher, 15(9), September, 2007, pp 46-52.
  • Letting the Grass Grow: Grassroots Information on Blogs and Wikis, Reference Services Review, 34(4), 2006 pp570-574. (with Miguel Ramos)
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  • Blogs of War: A Review of Alternative Sources for Iraq War Information, Searcher, 13(2), February 2005 (with Miguel Ramos)
  • Google Spawn: The Culture Surrounding Google, Searcher, 12(6), June 2004
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