I was born in Chicago, but moved for college and fly fishing to Montana. Here I eventually received an MFA in Creative Writing, studying with the likes of Richard Hugo, Bill Kittredge, Jim Crumley and Patricia Goedicke. Lived in Hawaii from 1992 – 1997, and am currently a librarian at Western Washington University in Bellingham who spends more time than I should writing.  I take my lead from Luis Borges.  My work has appeared in numerous literary journals.  I have five published books of poetry, the most recent being Dogs and Other Poems.  I’ve had the privilege of being included in the anthologiesThe New Montana Story, Tribute to Orpheus, America Zen, Shadow and Light.  I have also co-edited the books Father Nature and X-Stories: The Personal Side of Fragile X Syndrome.  I await the world’s next move.